All That You Need To Know About Grease Trap Cleaning





Grease traps are known to be one of those tools which are ideal for keeping a well maintained plumbing and drainage system. For commercial businesses, these traps are known to be the best if well maintained as it is important to give a clean and safer environment to your customers. While it is important to do that for bringing in more clients, it is equally important to maintain the grease traps by using grease trap cleaners. Let’s find out all that one should be knowing about the grease trap cleaner process and how you should go about it. 

  1. The first thing to do when opting for the grease trap cleaning process is by removing the lid of the trap. Make sure that while you are removing the lid, it is done gently so that you don’t damage the gaskets over it. 
  2. In order to check the amount of grease inside, it is best that you stick a ruler inside and see the quantity of it. The best way to go about it is to write it down for the report that is provided by the EPA. 
  3. Once you are done with checking the amount of grease, remove the water from the grease trap and keep it aside. Water can be removed either through a small pump or a bucket whichever is convenient and available with you. 
  4. By using any of the items; a shovel, bucket or a scooper, remove all the grease out from the trap. 
  5. Make sure you are scraping out all the grease from the edges and the lid so that no amount of residue is left behind and you can completely give the trap a rest for a good period of time before another cleaning session is required. 
  6. Once you are done with all that, pour all the water back inside that you kept aside in step 3 and reinstall the grease trap once done. Make sure the fitting and installation is done in a correct manner. 

Hope the above stated points are clear enough for you to carefully follow the grease trap cleaner process without any hindrances. These steps must be followed on a timely basis so that you do not end up with a clogged drain that may either cause excess overflowing of water or completely stop the flow of water. While all of this is important to do so, it is equally vital that you are hiring a professional grease trap cleaner who knows well about the details of this process and can perform it in a right manner unlike just considering it as a regular and basic cleaning.