Homeschooled Can Be Both An Advantage And A Disadvantage

Like everything else in this world, the concept of homeschooling a child has its advantages and its disadvantages. It is important that you understand that homeschooling a child means depriving them of going to school which is a huge part of a child’s childhood, therefore if you choose to homeschool your child, it in your responsibility to make sure that they receive a good education as well as a good social life.

On the road

If you want your family to be on the road with you as you travel around in a tandem dual axle trailer, then you have to make sure that you have a plan. Especially when you have children it is important that you try and give them as much stability as you can. If you do choose to live in a trailer and travel around the country, then you will have to either teach your kids themselves or hire a tutor to travel around with you. If you feel that you are not qualified to teach your child, then you should consider hiring a tutor as your child’s education is something that needs to be taken very seriously. Being on the road allows your child to learn a lot as they will be able to gain new information from each place they travel to. Moving around from place to place will expose your child to new experiences which can be very educational on certain occasions.

Stick to a schedule

If you want to ensure that your children learn as much as they can while travelling around the country, then it would be wise to fix a schedule. A schedule will make it easier to stick to the curriculum and it would also ensure that the lessons are completed on time. However, being homeschooled can deprive your child of having a normal school life. They may be lonely at times as they may not be able to make friends their age due to the constant travelling and they also won’t be able to compete in sports and school events like regular school children do. This can be a major drawback in your child’s life as getting involved in sports and other school activities aid in building a child’s character.

Lack of stability

Although travelling from one place to another can be a fun experience, it may also cause your children to have a lack of stability. This lack of stability can be frustrating and detrimental to your child as they are being deprived of the chance of being able to settle down in one place.