Get Vivaxim Vaccine For Prevention Of Typhoid And Hepatitis A

Many of the under developed and developing countries are still struggling to maintain their people’s health and are working hard day and night to provide better living conditions to their residents. An infectious disease that is still quite spread in countries with poor health conditions is typhoid and hepatitis A. Both these diseases are caused by a bacterial infection that attacks a person’s small intestine and has more or less the same symptoms. Typhoid, as well as hepatitis A, is spread through an infectious bacteria that is usually found in human feces and enters the human body through contamination of food or anything that is edible. Many countries have made it mandatory for people to get typhoid vaccine vivaxim injected with an interval of two years at least. Asian countries that are still fighting with this disease are India, Nepal, Afghanistan and Pakistan. These countries are still struggling to improve living and sanitizing conditions which is the reason why these diseases are not curbed till now.

  • Vivaxim vaccine

Vivaxim is a highly effective vaccine that provides immunization from typhoid and hepatitis A and strongly recommended to everyone. This vaccine contains inactive strains of hepatitis that are injected in the body which stimulates a person’s immune system to produce antibodies against hepatitis and thus immunize the person. Vivaxim vaccine is only to be administered under medical supervision and only to people above the age of 16 years. One thing that should be taken into account is that the person doesn’t become immune to typhoid and hepatitis A instantly after getting the vaccine as producing antibodies in the system takes time. A grace period of at least a month should be expected to be completely immune to these diseases. This vivaxim vaccine is easily available in all the pharmacies and is sold on a prescription only.

  • Caution regarding vivaxim vaccine

Although the vivaxim vaccine is quite easy to be administered still it comes with a list of cautions. One thing that is very important is that this vaccine should always be administered by a health care professional. This is an intra-muscle vaccine and is usually injected in the upper portion of the arm. In developed countries, this vaccine is also known by the name ‘travel vaccine’ as they are required by law to get this vaccine injected in case of traveling to Asian countries. But the setback is that this vaccine is not instantly effected and should be taken at least a month to six weeks prior to traveling.

  • Side effects

Vivaxim vaccine does not have any intense side effects that can cause serious health ailments but still, it does have some minor side effects. A person injected with typhoid and hepatitis A vaccine may experience low-grade fever, chills and shivers and in some rare cases diarrhea and nausea.


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