Different Types Of Doors


Simply it can be said the doors are the doors and having a common and simple purpose but if we’re going the detail then we came to known her there are a lot of types of the doors in the market which most of the people are not aware of so in the following we are going to discuss and mention about a different types of doors which you can have for you house if you are thinking about building a new house and also to add up some unique items in it so the unique doors will be the best idea for that:

  • The hinge doors are one of the most commonly used types of the doors in our houses and they have multiple users like they can be used in the entrance of the house or entrance of the any room or can be also used as the do afterwards or the store room as they are made up of simple solid blade and panel of the timber and can also be called as solid timber doors in Adelaide which can be one-fold and the BIFOLD doors according to the size and the use of the doors.
  • The Dutch type door is somehow very commonly used in our houses but they also having the unique and creative idea in it because it has basically two potions of it and one of each portion can’t open up separately and you can use them according to your need and use like if you want to use it to open like a window then you can open the upper part of the door easily and if you who want to pass through your baby or the pet through it then you can simply open the lower portion of the door easily. They can also be aluminium BIFOLD doors or the solid timber doors.
  • One of the very unique and elegant idea of having the doors in our house is the pocket doors which are function in a very unique way like there is a cavity inside the wall and the door will be enter in that cavity and the portion of the wall where it will be disappear and open up the space and when you want to close it then you simply close it by pulling the door from that cavity and that’s it. These types of doors are mostly used in the study area and also they are found in horizontal potions you where you can push it up and open the door. You can also have custom made doors in this type according to the size and use of your room.
  • Roller doors are also available as the custom doors in which you can add the material and the size of your idea and these types of doors are mostly used for the garages and shops.