What Is A Hazardous Area


What is a hazardous area?

A hazardous region is a special multidimensional location in which an explosive environment is or may be assumed to be present or develop. Electrical equipment inside the danger zone must be correctly graded and properly connected to the ground to guarantee that any ignition hazards are sufficiently managed.

Special measures are essential for the building, installation and usage of possible sources of ignition, as massive explosion can end in disastrous repercussions for persons and property.

The first step to assessing the fire and explosion hazard of an establishment is to perform a hazardous area classification to establish whether any zones where an explosive environment occurs or may be expected to be present would alter the level of protection for electrical devices.

Where electrical equipment is placed inside a hazardous area classification zone, certain standards are stipulated in AS/NZS 60079.14 Design selection, erection and initial inspection for the selection and installation of the electrical equipment.

Electrical Safety Regulation requires that a qualified hazardous area auditors to take care of electrical installations in hazardous areas.

Workplace analysis

Manage the fire and explosion risks by doing a self-assessment (DOCX, 0.58 MB) of your workplace with the self-assessment tool to guarantee that explosive atmospheres are successfully controlled. The authorities may request to examine the records related to site inspections.

Industry compliance management

The Electrical Safety Office (ESO) backed by WHSQ perform workplace visits to verify that the hazards of fire and explosion have been identified, evaluated and mitigated. The following are the main areas of focus:

Health and safety and electrical standards in the workplace

Their workplace has enough safety measures in place to prevent fires and explosions.

Involvement of hazardous area classification experts to identify the zone requirements for electrical equipment in a hazardous environment.

Hazardous area auditors will take enforcement measures if they find fire and explosive hazards that have not been adequately handled. In certain cases, this may include prompt warnings forbidding the operation of electrical equipment in dangerous regions until risk controls are in place and tested.