What Is A Pergola?

Whenever you are back home from a hectic day the best thing you would like to have is a     great time in the garden with the family of yours. If you are visiting a garden close to your home then you would love to have something great to spend the time. Garden is the symbol of the romance and love. They represent serenity and peace. An important element in the gardens is the pergola. It is a beautiful structure that will take you to the royal times as you start moving in the corridors surrounded by huge pillars and covered with the green vines they make a great appearance and beautify the premises with the unique construction style. The most important and evident feature of these structures is  the passages or the paths meant to take a beautiful walk through the tall and heavy pillars all covered with the lush green all season vines. Standing above these pillars are the horizontal beams that are made out of wood, concrete, or iron depending on how the user wants them to be.  

The concept of the pergola comes from the gazebo. It is the extension and improved form of the latter. They are often connected with the main building and lead up till the garden. The concept of the pergola cannot be confused with the green tunnels. The pergola is the pathway but the green tunnel is the road that has tall green trees covering from all sides. The colorbond pergola in Melbourne is a limited space as compared to this that is    created as per the needs of the home owners.   

The people living in the   American region often use the word arbor as an alternative to the pergola. The former is a kind of wooden garden chair or bench. A shade is attached to the bench and then it is further covered with the green growths all over it. The pergola has no limitation of the area. The area   can be chosen as per your choice.  

The history of these enchanting garden areas dates back to the Roman and the Greek times. They were used to protect from the sun. The pergolas have considerably altered in the past few years. Today the home owners can create an amazing pergola according to the available styles and designs. There is a wide choice of materials too that can be used in creating the right pergola.  

If you want to impress the visitors   with your backyard and want them to have a royal feeling every time they visit you then it would be great to add a highly attractive and impressive pergola in the backyard. Add your favorite green plants, experiment with the materials and see how beautiful they can make the home with their addition.  pergola-install